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Ripsime Paronikyan

Ripsime began her journey as an educator while still in high school, tutoring other students after school and quickly recognizing that she had a knack for communicating complex and abstract ideas in an easy-to-understand way and a passion for tailoring her efforts to each individual in a way that inspired interest, confidence, and a desire to advance learning. Ripsime has worked in both the public sector, as a teacher and Math Department chair, and the private sector, as an education business owner and one-on-one and small-group tutor -- providing compassionate support and empowerment to students from diverse educational backgrounds and abilities. Her overarching goal is to aid her students in building the capacity to withstand failure, the persistence to interrogate and iterate until they find success, and the knowledge that they are intellectually capable. She specializes in all levels of K-12 math and math SAT/ACT/ISEE and other Test-Prep programs that reinforce conceptual understanding while improving confidence and test scores. In addition, she works to strengthen executive functioning abilities through developing analysis, synthesis, problem-solving, organization, and follow-through skills that are fundamental for lifelong achievement.
Ripsime studied mathematics at California State University Northridge before transferring to the University of Science, Arts, and Technology and earning a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Math Education. In 2022 she earned a Public Leadership Credential from Harvard Kennedy School, a program focusing on adaptive/motivational leadership that inspires actions and solutions. She loves integrating her knowledge of mathematics and leadership with her extensive experience in education to help students make notable and sustainable academic progress.

Tutoring/Test Prep/Executive Functioning Coaching


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