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Zachary Leonard

Zachary has been providing students with the tools and support to help them achieve their academic and test taking goals since 2015. Having scored in the 99th percentile of his own standardized test in high school, he got his start leading test prep courses. He quickly transitioned to providing one-on-one support for both standardized exams and academic courses, working directly with students and their families to craft an individualized program tailored to a student’s unique learning style and needs. Having worked in schools, outpatient healthcare facilities, and with families directly, he marries an academic background in psychology and neuroscience with a wealth of teaching and tutoring experience to provide multi-faceted support, helping students master the content while simultaneously cultivating executive functioning skills and work habits crucial to success beyond any standardized test or class final. Providing robust support services including personalized instruction, thoughtful testing or course guidance, and detailed study plans, Zachary’s programs emphasize organization, consistency, and preparation with intention. He aims for students to achieve results while maintaining a healthy perspective and focus on learning and growth.

Tutoring/Test Prep/Executive Functioning Coaching


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