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Assessment specialists

Mark Stein


Donna Sandford


Heather Hettinger, PsyD


Laura Rold


Lisa Liu-Nakamura




This type of evaluation brings forth the most information regarding psychosocial, behavioral, and educational aspects of the client. This allows us to evaluate and provide strengths and weaknesses in multiple settings as well as determine all possible causes of learning and/or behavioral difficulties.

The process entails:

  • Clinical interview with parent(s)

  • Clinical interview with student

  • Review of records

  • Classroom observation (Elementary school aged only)

  • Collateral phone interviews with designated individuals

  • Typically 3 test sessions (3.0 hours in length typically) depending on referral question and pace

  • Report within 7-9 business days from last test session

  • Feedback session with parent (s)

  • Feedback session at school

  • Follow up collateral phone calls with designated individuals and professionals receiving the report


The goal of this assessment is to provide a most comprehensive way of assessing learning challenges and potential processing problems that children and their families face.  By bringing in specialists into the initial psychoeducational testing done by Stein Psychological Inc., we are able to get more accuracy with our diagnosis and provide parents with the most qualified expert in that particular field to assess and give treatment recommendations.  We often use Audiology, Developmental Optometry, Speech/Language, and Occupational Therapy.

The specialist would do the screening in the identified area and complete a screening report that will be integrated into our psychoeducational report.  That expert will then come to the feedback session to present their assessment results and provide the explanation of the recommendations which may include further assessment or intervention.This type of collaboration will provide a seamless continuum of care of clients and will provide a high level evaluation.


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