Help for Parents!

First Online Parenting Group to meet:

Saturday, April 25, 2020

11:30am PST

In light of the coronavirus pandemic, we find ourselves navigating uncharted waters and as parents regulating not only our fears and anxieties, we are also managing the well-being of our children.

Taking inventory of our emotional responses will translate effective coping onto our children, modeling for them how to navigate their experience of social isolation from their friends and peer groups, change of schedule and unanswered questions. We may not be able to change the course of our future but we can manage how it looks in our homes and how our children are thriving in spite of it.

In view of heightened anxiety and family related challenges, we will meet weekly to vent, share and learn new ways to manage stress and refuel for a more manageable week.

This group forum will be conducted online every Saturday at 11:30 am PST and facilitated by Orliyah Finnegan, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, specializing in families and children suffering from anxiety and other related disorders. Orliyah is a mother of three young children ranging from 9 to 5 years old and currently lives in Washington state while still holding on to her license to practice with clients in CA and in NY. If you would like to find out more about her please visit our website at . If interested, sign up by calling 818-789-5035 or email

We look forward to having you join our parenting group!

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