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What is Learning Support? by Dr. Toni Vrdoljak

Updated: Mar 6, 2020

What Is Learning Support?

As one of the learning specialists, I support students with a variety of academic needs, including executive function, dyslexia, other reading challenges, writing, and math. I am available to visit a student's school to meet with administrators and teachers in order to discuss ideas on classroom accommodations, instruction, and intervention. While many clients choose to meet with me at our clinic during after-school hours, Mondays through Fridays, I am also available on Saturdays and in the school setting. Executive function skills affect how a student pays attention, organizes, plans, prioritizes, starts tasks and perseveres to complete them, sets goals, regulates emotions, and self monitors progress in work. Through collaboration with Dr. Stein or one of our other psychologists, I learn where the student needs support and target my intervention efforts. If clinical testing shows a student has dyslexia, I may use the Barton System, a language education program using sight, sound, movement, and touch to help students connect language to words. It is Orton-Gillingham based (the gold standard of programs for remediating dyslexia) and a research- and evidence-based intense intervention program that is approved by the California Board of Education and supports the Common Core State Standards. Supporting students with other challenges in reading, writing, and math is an important part of my work. To determine specific areas of need, I again collaborate with team members who share what they learn through clinical testing. I am often invited to team meetings where parents and, if involved, another treatment provider are present to share information and discuss a targeted, specific plan for intervention to provide the child. Questions? Contact me at

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